SURPRISE and delight your customers, prospects and hard working employees with logo gifts and unique cards by SmileKeepers.

Remember when you were a little kid and you used to stare at all the cereal boxes at the grocery store and pick the one with the best prize inside? Well, I like to think of the promotional business in sort of the same way. Everyone likes a little REWARD now and then. Just a little TREAT to know that they are appreciated…

At SmileKeepers we can provide you with an assortment of VERY CREATIVE promotional ideas that will result in a big WOW and Thank you! In turn, YOU and your organization’s name will be a constant reminder every time someone sees or uses your gift. And when they need to pass your name onto someone, they will have your contact info readily available.

Our Products are American Made!

Browse through the website and you will find high quality products for desk, car, kitchen, and clothing. We can find the perfect gift to reach your desired audience. And if you really want to add the frosting to the cake, together let’s come up with a creative card that somehow reflects your business in the artwork and copy and we will really make your customer take notice of YOU.

As a member of ASI, the big industry association for the promotional business, I can offer you an opportunity yo search at logomall to find anything you can imagine. Just click here and Go SHOPPING!

Keep your customers smiling with SmileKeepers!